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Helping the next generation SHINE ON early and forever. 

Growing up is hard enough when everything is going right but imagine growing up when everything is going WRONG!


Sadly, reports from the American Psychological Association show more than two thirds of children experiencing a traumatic event by age 16. That's almost 7 out of 10 kids! Working in pediatrics and being a child trauma survivor myself, I have seen this first hand and I GET IT! 


We can't always prevent trauma but what we can do is provide the tools to effectively mange it and SHINE ON! Trauma doesn't just come and go, it cycles and can affect us throughout our entire life. The key is to practice healthy coping behaviors. These behaviors are ones that are easily manageable even on our WORST days. Trauma triggers can happen anytime, anywhere, it does not discriminate. If we can help buffer our physical and emotional systems with the GOOD STUFF (ie healthy behaviors like exercise, balanced eating, adequate sleep) we can mange the BAD STUFF (ie trauma triggers or new trauma) much better and move forward with less risk of adverse reactions (ie suicidal thoughts, heart failure, anxiety, depression). 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration note that children and adolescents exposed to trauma are 2 - 15 times more likely to develop anxiety, depression, disordered eating, sleep disturbances and long term health effects including heart, liver, autoimmune and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as an adult. 

What's fascinating is that exercise is basically prescribed to help ALL of these things! Yup you heard me, regular exercise helps with mental health, physical health and found to be an effective tool for coping with stressors or triggers in life. This is where I come in! 

I want to help guide adolescents exposed to trauma practice healthy behaviors early so that they can overcome the current trauma, and hopefully so that as an adult the are much more effective, resilient and can cope with the next trauma or trigger (because you know trauma is going to happen again).


I want to help prevent the downward spiral and help them to SHINE early and SHINE BEYOND!

FUNDS To Move with Me! 

The top reasons why this demographic is so hard to reach is usually due to FUNDS and TIME.


TIME: To support them, I'd have to see them after school, fit it in between other obligations and schedule around them, their parents, siblings and friends. You can see why this method doesn't really work. These behaviors take support, practice and consistency! Online I can interface with them over the phone, text and monitor them daily and in real time! Technology is a greatly under utilized when it comes to supporting people and let's face it we are always on our phone and if this is how I can reach you... then I won't fight, i'll meet you where you are! 

FUNDS: This is where I'm asking the SWEAT and SHINE ON community to help me out! I am asking for donations to help these kids coach with me. As a thank you, really the least I can do, is to invite you to my private youtube channel/ closed Facebook group where I post workout videos, give tips and an opportunity for you to move, laugh, and sweat with me! 

These aren't your typical donations, your contribution is For Unique Nurturing During Scaring times. 

FUNDS Provide: *For Unique Nurturing During Scaring times

- $60 8 week pdf of exercise and nutrition program 

- $90 one month of online coaching

- $450 three months of workouts, nutrition guidance and motivational interviewing

- $810 six months of support, coaching, and checks in 

- $1,600 one full year to learn, implement, practice lifelong behaviors that change lives

Become one of my Stars: 

Are you or someone you know suffer from trauma triggers? Looking for support to cope, improve health and change your current lifestyle? Apply today for the SHINE BEYOND FUNDS! 


- Typical age 14- 22 

- Have access to a smart phone daily. 

- Have experienced a traumatic event such as (but not limited to) loss, abuse, assault, acts of terror, negligence, medical treatments and disaster survivors. 

- Have pre- existing conditions like (but not limited to) obesity, depression, anxiety, disordered eating and PTSD. 

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